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Research Geographer with US Forest Service
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Abby Frazier

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I am a Post-Doctoral Research Geographer with the US Forest Service, based in the Department of Geography at UH Manoa in Honolulu, HI. My research interests include climatology, GIS, geostatistics, landscape ecology, climate variability (ENSO & PDO), rainfall and drought in Hawai‘i, and big data analysis.
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Hawaii Annual Rainfall Maps 1920-2012

Month-year rainfall maps for the State of Hawai‘i were created from January 1920 to December 2012 as a spin-off project from the Mean Rainfall Atlas of Hawai‘i project ( Raster files can be downloaded from the Rainfall Atlas website.
The annual maps from 1920-2012 are shown here in inches.
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Frazier, A. G., Giambelluca,...

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